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Below are crucial subjects you should learn and understand in order to be a well-rounded Computer Scientist and a great Software Engineer. Learning Data Structures, Algorithms, Mathematical Foundations, and Computer Architecture will help you write much more efficiency and performance code as well as aid in debugging though deductive reasoning.

Data Structures are different ways of storing information. There are many different Data Structures, meaning there are many different ways of storing data. The one you chose can increase or decrease your code’s efficiency and performance.

Algorithms are a set of logical steps you run to compute something on a given data set. Depending on the Data Structures that are used, some algorithms may be more efficient than others. It is vital to understand the relationships between the Data Structures and the Algorithms you need to solve complex problems.

Mathematical Foundations will help you think more logically and produce sound logic. Having sound logic is essential because it will help you to produce performant and efficient code.

Computer Architecture is another vital subject as it will teach you the inner workings of how computers process, store, and access information. Knowing these inner workings will guide your understanding of how your code is processed and how your data is allocated in the computer’s memory.